The Prespa Lakes

Agios Axileios

The Prespa Lakes unites three countries, Greece, Albania and FYROM. Unique natural beauty and absolute tranquility surrounds mount Varnounta, Mount Vrontero and Triklariou slopes, while, in the background, we usually  see the snowy mountains of Albania and Skopje.

Lake Prespa is the largest of the Balkans with an area of 272 sq. km. and depth of 55 meters. There are many species of rare birds such as pelicans, herons, cormorants, etc., and the traveler can see green hills with forests of cedar and oak .. On the rocks around the shores of Great Prespa one can find noumerous natural caves.

A narrow strip of land (5 km in length). seperates the Megali Prespa Lake from the Mikri Prespa Lake, which has an area of 44 sq. km. a small part of which belongs to Albania.

The route Florina – Prespa Lakes is one the most beautiful trails you will find in Greece, all year round.

While you are here, don”t forget to visit the isle of St. Achilles, the village of Saint Germain and the other mountain villages that are rich in vegetation.